A Message from our Principal, Mrs Michelle Deschamps

At St Raphael’s we strive to educate the whole person: spiritually, physically, intellectually, relationally and emotionally. Our boys and girls develop as confident, competent and successful young people, who are able to make positive contributions to our world. In conjunction with this our students become problem solvers, critical thinkers, have curiosity and are creative. 

Learning is the focus at St Raphael’s where high expectations for all ensures students have an engaging and inspiring learning journey in stimulating learning environments, with contemporary educationally researched pedagogy. At the core of our learning is faith development in an inclusive environment, with support for social justice and service to others. 

Our students have positive behaviours for learning, with clarity of expectations to ensure every student has the opportunity to succeed. The long record of academic, sporting and cultural success at St Raphael’s is testament to the schools ability to provide diverse learning opportunities so every student can thrive, and pursue their talents and interests. 

Our staff are committed to collaborative, contextually based professional development and learning, so we know every learner, and cater for their varied abilities and learning styles. 

St Raphael’s is a community, embracing staff, students and their families, so together we can nurture the faith and learning development of the young people in our care. Working together, our students and families are well supported. In particular we are blessed to be connected to our parish church, whereby staff, students and families, experience our relationship with God together.  

A St Raphael’s graduate, has a lifetime connection to the school, and advocates for the education they received, and the fantastic community they experienced. 

I encourage interested families to experience this wonderful learning environment.

Michelle Deschamps
School Principal