Learning Enrichment is provided for all students so that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential. The Learning Enrichment Department caters for the strengths, weaknesses and varying learning needs of all students by utilising information from a range of assessments combined with our teachers' professional judgment.

The following demonstrates typical learning support activities across a range of subjects:

English – Renaissance Reading

This program assists teachers setting the right goals, match students with the right reading materials and gain deeper insight into progress quickly and efficiently—giving them more time back to differentiate and personalise each child’s learning experience for a profound and proven impact on growth. Students are empowered to own their learning with essential guidance from their teacher and self-monitoring of progress towards goals.

PreLit, MiniLit, MultiLit and Macqulit - Individualised Literacy Support

This program is offered to a small group of students from a variety of year groups, who require additional support with their reading skills. The ‘Lit’ Programs are scientifically researched, evidence based programs from Macquarie University. They provide carefully sequenced and structured lessons that address reading and related skills. The "Lit" Programs help students to develop rapid, automatic and efficient word recognition strategies. The primary focus of the "Lit" program is on phonics, or word identification, supported by connected text reading to ensure skills are generalised to authentic reading experiences. The programs also teach strategies for decoding multisyllabic words, prefixes and suffixes.

Quicksmart - Individualised Numeracy Support

This program is offered to a small group of students from a variety of year groups,  who require additional support with their numeracy skills. The Quicksmart Numeracy program  focuses on basic mathematics content by providing instruction that is planned to meet each individual student’s learning needs.  Quicksmart is a scientifically researched, evidence based program  from University of New England.

Study Centre

Study Centre at St Raphael’s is facilitated by teachers who are passionate about providing extra opportunities for support. Whether it be for homework, assessments, access to technology or needing a quiet place to study. Study Centre at St Raphael’s is available 2 mornings per week, 8:00am - 8:45am.

Learning Plus - Secondary  

Learning Plus occurs one period per week. The purpose of Learning Plus is to foster a collaborative student centred structure in which students begin to own their own learning. It empowers peer learning, promotes leadership of senior students and embraces the Catholic ethos of inclusiveness and compassion. During Learning Plus, opportunites are scheduled and staffed to provide additional time and support for students experiencing difficulties or to provide students with enrichment and extension.

In class Numeracy and Literacy Support K-12

Learning Support staff work collaboratively with Teachers and support students in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Setting up activities
  • Supervising students
  • Facilitating activities that the teacher has organised
  • Assisting with administration
  • Assisting teacher with group activities
  • Undertaking one-on-one activities with a particular child, or small group of children.

Learning Support staff also help with students who might be struggling to keep up with the class – academically and/or socially – in many ways, such as:

  • Developing positive relationships with the students
  • Actively supporting the students to be a member of the class
  • Helping the students develop friendships
  • Encouraging the students to do as much as possible for themselves

Learning Support staff are highly valued at St Raphael’s. Contributing positively towards a child’s future success is an incredibly rewarding role and the difference Learning Support Staff make on our childrens'  lives cannot be underestimated.


Mathletics is a targeted, rewarding and captivating online learning resource, which is aligned to curriculum standards. An intuitive and efficient interface designed to help address the balance between teacher-led instruction and independent, student-driven learning in our mathematics classrooms. It provides personalised learning and differentiation support in our Numeracy classrooms.

St Raphael’s offers a range of learning opportunities designed to develop the talents of each student. Extension activities include the da Vinci Decathlon, STEM competitions, debating and public speaking opportunities and various mathematics and writing competitions. These programs provide valuable opportunities for students to work collaboratively with like-minded peers and apply their knowledge to open-ended tasks.