St Raphael's Catholic School Cowra is committed to creating a 21st century learning environment which empowers its students and enhances the use of technology in their learning. This policy, in part, has been made in response to an increased number of requests from senior students to use their own devices, thus giving them choice. The new policy will also enhance the students’ attachment and appreciation for their own laptop and hopefully deepen and personalise their learning experience.

St Raphael's Catholic School Cowra provides age appropriate technology pathways for all students. The table below shows the technological devices available to students as they progress from K-12:

Kindergarten - Year 6

Years 7 and 8

Years 9 - 12

  • 2 x banks of shared iPads
  • 1:1 bank of shared Chromebooks (3-6)
  • 1:2 bank of shared chromebooks (K-2)
  • Computer ab S17 - 24 x iMacs
  • BYODD Chromebook devices
  • Computer Lab S17 - 24 IMacs
  • Bank of shared Chromebooks
  • Computer Lab S17 - 24 x iMacs
  • Visual Art Room - 1 iMac
  • BYOD to minimum specifications

This is an exciting time when the School has made substantial investment in ICT, and can now offer users a much more powerful and flexible service to enhance teaching and learning.