The Rite Journey is a unique educational programme designed to support the development of self-aware, vital, responsible and resilient adults.

Given the current lack of Rites of Passage in the Western World, young people are left to invent their own, which are often unhealthy and unsafe.

The Rite Journey reinvents the traditional process of a Rite of Passage to assist in transforming the adolescent from dependency to responsibility.

At St Raphael's Catholic School we impmement the girls program and the boys program in Year 9


Each of the 7 Stages incorporates a ceremony or celebration that leads the students to acknowledge their personal journey towards adulthood. These events are carefully crafted, unique experiences that are individualised to best suit the particular needs, resources and geography of our school. The 7 Stages are:

1. THE CALLING: At a significant local landmark the students show gratitude for their childhood and are called on their journey to adulthood.

2. THE DEPARTURE: Parents, carers and mentors join the students for an opportunity to learn, reflect and look forward.

3. THE FOLLOWING: A mentoring program places another same-gender adult in the young person’s life.

4. THE CHALLENGES: Resilience is built in the students by giving them challenges and helping them acquire the resources necessary to overcome them.

5. THE ABYSS: The biggest challenge of the year puts students out of their comfort zone to help them learn more about themselves.

6. THE RETURN: Students reflect on what they have learned and experienced over the year and celebrate their movement into beginning adulthood.

7. THE HOMECOMING: A gratitude ceremony and celebration with students, parents / carers and mentors.