Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Pastoral care embraces more than the giving of well prepared, thought provoking and stimulating lessons.  It means being concerned for the total wellbeing of students, and the development of the whole person within the context of the family, school, parish and wider community. (CEC NSW)

Pastoral care today must move from its traditional approaches to a more inclusive function to include the health and wellbeing of students that is inextricably linked with academic curriculum and structural organisation of school. (Cross 2014) It must support and promote ‘knowledge of self, self-efficacy, healthy risk taking goal setting negotiation reflection and empowerment to provide optimal learning and development outcomes.’ (Nadge 2005)

At the heart of our school communities is a Christ centred ethos and a world view that is committed to personal and social transformation.

Objectives of Pastoral Care Guidelines:

  • to nurture an approach to learning and teaching across all curriculum areas, that endorses pastoral care
  • to promote positive relationships across and connectedness across the whole school community
  • to co-ordinate and link initiatives and programs within a whole school strategy
  • to enhance the wellbeing of all members of the school community by promoting communication, trust and positive relationships

These objectives underpin the three key interconnected elements of the school community:

  1. Curriculum Teaching and Learning
  • comprehensive and inclusive approaches to teaching and learning
  • implementation of pastoral care programs that address the needs of students
  • fair and just assessment
  1. School Organisation, Charism and Environment
  • co-ordinated and supportive organisational structures
  • liturgy celebrations and assemblies
  • effective networks of care
  • high quality interpersonal relationships
  • school vision and beliefs
  1. Partnerships and Services
  • parish, diocesan and parent partnerships
  • school-based pastoral care activities
  • links to the wider community
  • accessible support services