St Raphael’s is situated on a big footprint. Over the progression of the school’s history, our facilities have adapted and grown to accommodate a K-12 context. Our grounds provide for student activities during lunch and recess such as the ever popular hand ball and basketball, as well as a playing field. Our infants students enjoy the sand pit, and play equipment such as a jungle gym, and cubby house. 

Our rural school is privileged to have a newly renovated Chapel, which is a proud and cherished part of our school tradition and identity. The Chapel is aligned to our beautiful heritage buildings. In these buildings, our large, well-equipped library caters for our K-12 context. Also included is a modern high performance gym supporting our talented and elite athletes, and a Heritage Centre. 

Wellbeing is our priority at St Raphael’s. This year we will open our new Learning Hub. This facility will be a combined K-12 student accessible centre to support student wellbeing. The resources in the centre include: the Leader of Learning Engagement K-12, Primary and Secondary Leaders of Wellbeing, Aboriginal Liaison Officers, and Leader of Learning Support. 

The classrooms across K-12 have thorough resourcing to support students in their learning. The secondary classrooms give opportunity for collaboration, and a popular facility is the iSTEM room, where innovation is encouraged and interaction is lively. 

Our school is particularly acknowledged for having the very best of resources for our popular VET subjects - Hospitality, Construction and Primary Industries. The resourcing for these subjects is significant such as an onsite cafe for students to operate, state of the art facilities and equipment, and real world application with hands-on participation in the community and on farms.

The music room is well appointed to facilitate student interest, learning and passion for music with diverse resources. Music is a key feature in our celebratory events, Mass and school events. 

We have a dedicated renown local artist (ceramist) who consistently supports students to challenge themselves in a diversity of mediums. To facilitate this, students have access to comprehensive art marking equipment, such as 2 kilns and and array of pottery wheels, and a varied source of art appreciation opportunities.

Our canteen is a healthy canteen, focused on fresh foods provided daily with a mixed menu and eftpos available.